Sunday Funday

Ahh another Sunday. I am NOT looking forward to work this week- some weeks in customer service you just expect to be incredibly long and this is no exception. I’m excited to announce I signed up for classes for a business degree! Classes start this fall ūüôā

This weekend I got to catch up with friends & go wedding dress shopping for my best friend who’s getting married this June. She’s gorgeous so everything looked great on her! She finally did say “Yes” to a dress-so exciting!

Today is golf & movies, and cleaning. We re-organized our bedroom last night so today’s the rest of the house! Its a gloomy rainy day so I figured why not? Plus there’s nothing better than starting the week off with a clean & clutter-free house amiright?!

Here are my favorite links this week

BeFunky Collage

  1. This adorable DIY Basket planter
  2. Hair mistakes that actually Age you
  3. All of the¬†Crockpot¬†recipes you’ll need for too hot summer days
  4. These¬†Potpourri¬†bug repellent is the best idea I’ve seen this year
  5. Marinated veggie & cheese sandwiches with tomato Pesto
  6. This compatibility test to take with Bae
  7. Awesome exercises to Strengthen your legs
  8. The Best way to handle stress
  9. Why the Keto diet is b.s




I hope you all had fantastic weekends, let me know what you did below!
Xo, Miranda


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